Day Care and Rehabilitative Services

The Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre in Georgetown has opened the first and only day care centre for disabled children in Guyana with an accommodation capacity of approximately 30.

According to Bibi Jameela Hack who heads the facility, the decision to establish a day-care centre for disabled children was made at the rehab centre’s last Retreat.

Hack explained that a group of University of Guyana medical students who were at the centre earlier in the year, worked on the project by distributing questionnaires, seeking the views of members of the public on whether the plan was worth implementing.

“The end results found that there was a need for such a unit and we have since relocated our six residents from the boys’ dormitory and placed them in the girls’ dormitory. The boys’ dormitory has been transformed into the day-care centre,” she said.

The centre has a full complement of staff who are ready, and able to offer care and support for these children with disabilities. This service is only being offered to parents who have children with disabilities, since there are numerous centres offering care and support for children in normal circumstances, she explained.

The centre is catering for low income families who contribute $1000 per month to cover incidental expenses.

“We can handle all kinds of disability except those very hyperactive types and all we are asking is that the parents or guardians be on time to pick up these children. We are also asking parents when they bring their child to tell us if he/she suffers from an allergy or other problems,” she said.

The centre will provide meals, care and support for these children and persons who are interested in the services offered are asked to make contact with the Centre at Carmichael Street, Georgetown